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Paris (A.K.A. Seduction) Gushes About Milan Christopher’s Sex Tape Scandal; Is He An Admirer?

TGHS - Seduction-a

TGHS - Seduction

He may have been a popular gay porn star a few years ago, but New York online radio personality Seduction is the conservative voice on the long-running radio show Da Doo-Dirty Show.  Guests and co-hosts DJ Baker, Cisco Vegas and Splash T stun and shock him with revealing stories and colorful language every weekday.  Thus, in my exclusive interview with the Doo-Dirty conservative, yet most opinionated co-host, I asked him what piece of gay gossip discussed on the show was his favorite or most shocking.

After recollecting the gay gossip of recent memory, he beamed about the glory he seen in the Milan Christopher sex tape that leaked online and on this blog months ago.  The self-proclaimed “a** man” vividly reenacted his splendor of seeing “those chocolate buns and Krispy Kremes”  while watching the video that had many gays’ tongues wagging.

In Seduction’s exclusive interview at #TheGaysHaveSpoken, Seduction answered my question on whether he would like to re-create a sex tape with Milan.  The radio host’s humble answer was surprising to say the least as he has many fans of his own.  Check out what I mean in the clip below.

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Gay Porn Star Rio On Thugzilla: “He’s Too Agressive, Got Less Than 8 Inches & Needs To Be Quiet”



As the one-time self-proclaimed “King of Black Gay Porn,” one would assume that porn veteran Thugzilla would get all the love from his co-stars and fellow adult entertainment personalities.  However, if you ask Rio and Seduction (of DawgPoundUSA fame, now Da Doo-Dirty Show co-hosts), then you would get an immediately “hell no” more than likely.

“He’s mean. All he [messes] with are Trap Boyz. He’s too aggressive. He’s got less than eight inches. I’m like, ‘Dude, be quiet,” Rio described about Thugzilla when show founder and host DJ Baker asked him about his experiences with the self-proclaimed king.

Adding insult to injury after denying having been in a scene with Thugzilla, Rio, elaborates his distaste, “In some of the movies, he slaps people, and I’m like ‘if you slap me, it’s going to be war.’”

“He’s throwback. He’s like 40 [years old],” Seduction chimed when quizzed by DJ Baker on whether he’s performed in adult films with the porn legend. “He’s got that ‘little man’s syndrome. He’s like 5’7″ or 5’8″ [so] he’s got to overcompensate. His perception of himself is greatly altered because he has this ‘Thugzilla mentality.’”


Check out the radio crew’s chitter chatter below by pressing play and starting at the 5:20 mark.

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Former Gay Porn Star “Seduction” Shot Dead In Atlanta

Seduction porn star

Seduction porn star

Before you confuse the victim as Seduction on the online radio show Da Doo-Dirty, please note that he is a different porn star who also starred in films with the same name.

The Scoop Entertainment was the first to report on this story below:

Former adult star Seduction also known as Kamarion Sanchez was shot and Killed late Thursday evening according to Atlanta Police.

Investigators said the victim who is in his early twenties was targeted by the gunman. He was shot once and died at the scene.

“At this point in our investigation we don’t believe that it’s a random act and we do believe that the individuals knew each other. We are still in the process of trying to interview other persons that were in the house,” said Capt. Paul Guerrucci, Atlanta police homicide unit commander.

It is believed the shooting happened around 11 p.m. where the victim lived on Elm Street in northwest Atlanta.

Plenty of friends and supporters took to Facebook today to express how sdden they were to hearabout his death.

Read more at The Scoop Entertainment by clicking here.

My friends at Da Doo-Dirty Show also talk about the tragic murder in the audio clip below.

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Da Doo-Dirty Show’s Bisexual Guest Says He Doesn’t Date Fem Gays “Because They Don’t Do N*gga Sh*t”

Richie Porter

Richie Porter2

If the subject of “no fats, no fems” gets your panties in a bunch, then please bypass this post because you will be offended by this guy name Richie Porter.

The handsome Porter was a surprise call-in guest to DJ Baker’s Da Doo-Dirty Show yesterday morning, and in true Doo-Dirty style, Baker gets all in Porter business. Porter pretends to seems dumbfounded by their conversation on the radio show as Baker about his sexuality to which Porter identifies as bisexual.  Though he is currently in a committed relationship with a male lover of three years, Porter beams about his attractions to women with DJ but stands firm that he is only about being with one lover at a time.  Sounds great, right?

Well…get into what Porter’s tastes and preferences on dating men. Baker asks Richie on what attracts him to men, and the surprised guest says that he is into masculine men because fem gays are not “into n*gga shit” and that he will never marry a man but will want to marry a woman. I wonder how his male lover of three years think about that.  Waste of three years of his life, right?

Get into this interesting interview below.

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The “Black LGBT Power 100″ 2013: The World’s Most Influential Black LGBT Personalities Pt. 1

Jacob Kohinoor2

2013 exceeded 2012′s feat as the year Black gays, lesbians and trans-people flexed their political, creative, financial and celebrity power within the Black LGBT community and beyond.  Hundreds of Black same-gender-loving men and women from all over the world grabbed headlines locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for their significant achievements, record-breaking accomplishments and controversial notoriety that rival demographics with seemingly larger influences. Throughout 2013, many brave people in the Black LGBT community stepped out on their courageous leadership in positive and controversial ways to show that power is also in the Black same-gender-loving voice regardless of reach.

After the release of 2012′s Black LGBT Power 50 list, then titled “Black Gays Rock,” the overwhelming response showed how seriously our fellow Black gays, lesbians and trans-people took the intent of this list. From the congratulatory to the ego-trippin’, each comment was welcomed as the list’s credibility and suggestion to Black LGBT community that we need to celebrate ourselves more, with and without rankings, and recognize who our power players are beyond our social circles and regions.  The 2013 “Black Gay Power 100″ list boasts its rankings on the influence, notoriety and achievements within the last 12 months.  Unlike other lists, this is not a legacy list acknowledging people for accomplishments of years ago, a list that spites a previously published one because of ego issues, a ratchet list objectifying ourselves shamelessly or a list driven by gender, region or industry.

This labor of love took more than two months of data gathering and debate to see how the power ranking will be measured.  The feedback from people who looked forward to making the 2013 list raised the bar on how the rankings are graded.  The end result of the rankings is measured by how each personality and group fit in the five qualities the “IN-crowd”: the INfamous, the INfluential, the INnovative, the INspiring and the INtriguing.  My esteemed nameless colleagues and I graded 232 suggested names for the 2013 “Black LGBT Power 100″ and the personalities and groups who earned the highest totals upon the sums of each categories ranked in their applicable positions.

Set your egos aside and celebrate the honorees of the 2013 “Black LGBT Power 100.”

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‘BLACK GAYS ROCK 2013′ Is Now Named ‘BLACK LGBT POWER 100′ 2013; See Preview Rankings

Jason Collins

Monifah's "In Her Skin" Showcase

Last year, The G-List Society readers made “Black Gays Rock 2012″ list the most popular post on the blog with almost 300,000 unique views to-date. Readers got to see a list where Black LGBT personalities and groups have been ranked based upon their star power for the first time ever in 2012.  Though the list has been met with an overwhelming positive response, controversy and heated discussions and debates were raised as well.

Since “Black Gays Rock 2012″ list posted on December 19, 2012, I have realized that is a tradition I must stick with.  I imagined the list would garner attention but not in a viral way.  I even appreciated the positive and questionable feedback and the anticipation for a 2013 list all year long.  I thought the buzz would die down by January 2013, but at almost every Black LGBT function I attended, someone brought up that list.  What was the highest compliment I received on that list?  People told me that they are going to make sure that they are noticed and make the 2013 list.  That was confirmation on how valid such a list is and that my efforts were not in vain.  Regardless of the controversy around the list, I took the grading and ranking very seriously because I stand behind everything I produced regardless of mass consumption.

With that said, I have a special announcement.  The 2013 list is completed.  That is not all.  Instead of honoring only 50 people, I increased the cap to 100 people, and the new name of the list will be called “BLACK LGBT POWER 100″ 2013. I could not do this list injustice and leave many notables out who deserve recognition for their contribution and star power in 2013.  This list about star power, name recognition and influence in the Black LGBT community, LGBT community at-large and mainstream society.



The full list will be posted in days with full explanations on why each person made the list, but get an exclusive sneak people of where 30 Black LGBT personalities places in the 2013 “BLACK LGBT POWER 100.”

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Metrell Hurst On Break Up With Pony Zion Over HIV+ Status; Blasts Hot Rod & Derrick L. Briggs?

Metrell Hurst2

Metrell Hurst2

Leave it to online radio host DJ Baker to get one of the most memorable interviews from our Black LGBT personalities.

Because I am not living in the New York/New Jersey area, I became familiar with singer/socialite Metrell Hurst through a couple of features on ADTV and his duet with Damien Crawford titled “I Can Be.”  Though the aforementioned events took place this year, I learned that Hurst is an extremely popular personality in that region.  Why wouldn’t he be so popular?  He possesses great looks, a Southern charm and a singing voice that will make you throw your most expensive bikini brief at him. Don’t act like you wouldn’t.

Because of his notoriety in the NY scene, it was fitting for the talented singer to be a guest on Baker’s Da Doo Dirty Show to promote his latest single “Who I Am.”  On the music front, Hurst talks about his sound coming from his admiration of the 1990′s R&B era while the lyrics put his personal life front and center. Of the sort, Hurst shares intimate life experiences with Baker in this exclusive interview such as surviving child abandonment and physical abuse.

Though the details of Metrell’s dark past before serving in the US Navy and graduating from college was a good story from this New York singer, Baker got Hurst to expose his thoughts on popular personalities ballroom legend Pony Zion, porn star Hot Rod and ADTV personality Derrick L. Briggs.  Judging from listening to what Hurst had to say, this dude is not lying about what he openly expressed, and his mums-the-word on Briggs’ sexual advances spilled more T than than he could have ever verbalized.

So what did he say?  Check out my quick summary and then listen to the interview below.

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