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#BuyLGBTQPoC: The G-List Society’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2015 From LGBTQ Merchants Of Color

In keeping up with winter holiday tradition, The G-List Society continues its mission of celebrating the empowerment of LGBTQ people of color by promoting LGBTQ entrepreneurship with an exclusive holiday shopping guide featuring products sold by LGBTQ entrepreneurs of color. With the hashtag #BuyLGBTQPoC, I want to encourage people within the LGBTQ community to support LGBTQ entrepreneurs of color via The G-List Society social media platforms and beyond.

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Miami Rapper Trick Daddy Goes Off On Gay Culture Takeover In TV & Music; Blames Homosexuality On Slavery?

"I have nothing against gays. I'm not homophobic. I got a sister that's my brother and an aunt that's my uncle. I'm not gay. I'm not gay. I'm not homophobic. I'm not gay. I'm not homophobic," says Miami rap legend Trick Daddy, but in this radio interview, he has a lot of criticism against gays in mainstream culture and society - including Oprah Winfrey, Stedman Graham, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Jussie Smollett, gay rappers, and other well-known [and rumored] gay men and women in the entertainment industry. He also suggested that no children should ever come out as same-gender-loving until they are at least 30 years old. Mind you, all of his criticisms about homosexuality were not lured by questions by the interviewers. These statements changed the conversations about his career into his thoughts about homosexuality.

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THE G-POD: “Rihanna” by DuQuaye

DuQuaye's new single "Rihanna" is primed for the parties, the nightclub and the strip clubs. The rhythm will make you want to move, and DuQuaye's lyrics should make all the baddest chicks and male divas feel like the stars of the scene.

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DaQuan Booder Analysis

THE G-POD: “16” by Daquan, Booder & Analysis

"16," the all-star hip-hop collaborative jam from east coast emcees Daquan, Booder & Analysis is the shit. This is the gem that should make hip-hop critics and purists take note on how a great collabo that embodies hip-hop sees no sexual identity but rather pure gift.

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THE G-POD: “Amazin’ Shit” by KIN4LIFE

My favorite out hip-hop group KIN4LIFE has been blessing fans like me with new music throughout the year, and their latest single "Amazin' Shit" sums up how hot their music has been over the years.

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THE G-POD: “California Chick” by 1Lady

I just got into California rapper 1Lady's music yesterday, and I am really diggin' her single "California Chick." The piano-laced rap ballad has the Laotian/Cambodian artist gushing over the lady love of life.

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THE G-POD: “Alright 2016” by B.Slade

In my eyes, California musician B.Slade can no do wrong with his discography in my book, especially with his neosoul-tinged, midtempo cover of Janet Jackson's 1990 pop music classic "Alright."

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THE G-POD: “ICONography” by Tim’m

This gay hip-hop legend releases a fierce soulful hip-hop groove talks reflects on his adolescence overcoming the stresses of racism and homophobia.

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Medino Green

THE G-POD: “U.N.I.T.Y.” by Medino Green

In a community full of out gay rappers, there are a very small who embody the essence of hip-hop, especially with their acknowledge and respect for the legends and icons of the genre who laid the foundation for their to make their marks on the culture. New York-bred rapper Medino Green is one of those out gay rappers who has grown into a hip-hop artist, and his masterful remake of Queen Latifah's 1993 magnus opus "U.N.I.T.Y." proved that he is more than a gay rapper.

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Black LGBTQ Influencer - Michelle E Brown


One of my most cherished achievements on my platform is living out and authentically. It has inspired others to do so. Although it made me feel my years, having a young Black lesbian activist tell me she had a scrapbook of articles/photos of me from the gay press that had helped her in her coming out by seeing someone who looked like her. And having a member of U.S. Vice President Biden security detail tell me he had seen/heard me speak while he was in college and it had encouraged him to live authentically, unapologetically out. Get to know more about this dynamic Black LGBTQ Influencer in The G-List Society's weekly column.

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Black LGBTQ Influencer - Nathan Hale Williams


One of my most cherished achievements on my platform is my NAACP Image Award nominations. The Image Awards are the equivalent to the Academy Awards and to be in consideration with people I have admired my entire life was a dream come true. Hopefully, a win is coming soon. Smile Get to know more about this dynamic Black LGBTQ Influencer in The G-List Society's weekly column.

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Black LGBTQ Influencer - Clay Cane


One of the best compliments I have ever received about my platform was Melissa Harris-Perry thanking me for 'Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church' and calling the documentary "another frontier." Get to know more about this dynamic Black LGBTQ Influencer in The G-List Society's weekly column.

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