Radio Host Seduction Talks Past Relationship With Gay Porn Star Nubius & Getting In The Industry

TGHS - Seduction-a

TGHS - Seduction

Da Doo-Dirty co-host Seduction may be the conservative critical thinker among his co-horts, but he will not hide his past of being a popular gay porn star.

In my recent interviewer with the straight-forward New York personality, Seduction details his past relationship with my favorite porn star Nubius, who ultimately became the person who introduce him into the gay sex industry — after they broke up.  Apparently, all love was not lost and many of us fans are grateful for Nubius’ good deed.  In fact, they starred together in Seduction’s first film.  You see, not all break-ups end on non-speaking terms.

Check out this episode of #TheGaysHaveSpoken as Seduction shares his story.

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Former Porn Model Seduction On Being A Bottom In Adult Videos And Top In Most Relationships

TGHS - Seduction-a

TGHS - Seduction

I must say the one thing I appreciate mostly about interviewing all the LGBT personalities #TheGaysHaveSpoken so far is that I felt none of them holding back, especially on the tough questions and the ones I hear and read from people like you.  In fact, I remember debating with myself on whether I should go with my desire to interview gay adult entertainers, past and present, about their time in the sex industry because I feared possible repercussions. I decided that I will pursue whatever my heart desires and not allow my brain to get in the way.  That decision paid off when I interviewed porn model-turned-radio host Seduction about his time spent as a gay porn star.

In this episode of #TheGaysHaveSpoken, I succeeded in getting Seduction to reiterate a surprising fact I learned about him.  Those who followed his starring roles in the adult entertainment industry know that the New York resident was cast as a bottom in all his work.  However, I was surprised when he talked about how people are surprised to learn that he is almost always a top when dating and engaging in relationships.  That was an “a ha” moment for me, and he gladly shared with me on camera about his dating life.

Check out his explanation about his dating life below.

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Nhojj Describes How Stopped “Being A Punk” To Express His Sexuality Thru His Music

TGHS - Nhojj-a

TGHS - Nhojj

Singer Nhojj expresses his affirmation of same-gender love effortlessly throughout his music, especially in his new album, I Was Made To Love Him.  However, the New York acoustic soul singer was not initially comfortable of being openly when he started his singing career.

In this episode of #TheGaysHaveSpoken, check out the video below where “Love” crooner recounts the era of his artistry that allowed him to transition into the spotlight of composing songs that affirm and uplift the open love among same-gender-loving couples..

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LastO On Being A Black Gay Sex Symbol + Out Magazine Music Issue’s “Fresh Face”

TGHS - LastO-a

TGHS - LastO

Once New York rapper LastO released his long-awaited debut album Where’s Vivian last year, his stock as homo-hop figure raised back towards to the top of the crop.  The “Five Finger Discount” emcee and I talked about some of his recent accolades, including his sexy editorial photoshoot in Out magazine as one of mainstream music’s “freshest” stars.  In addition to the honorable mention and sexy photoshoot, I got the hip-hop game changer to talk about his status as a sex symbol among Black gay men.

Check out his words in the recent episode of #TheGaysHaveSpoken below.

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Celebrity Publicist Clarence McMillan Addresses His Involvement In The Rihanna Vs. Teyana Taylor Beef

TGHS - Clarence McMillan-a

TGHS - Clarence McMillan

The blogosphere went crazy during the fall of 2013 when an unlikely feud between pop music superstar Rihanna and urban fashion icon Teyana Taylor blew up instantly.  Apparently the beef from the two starlets stemmed from Rihanna supporting her entourage’s mockery of Taylor doing a cover of an Anita Baker classic through social media.  Not being a punk to bulls**t, Teyana clapped back at Rihanna and her camp.  Then, the back-and-forth mudslinging grew messier by the moment to which fans jumped in to their favorites’ defenses.

Well, how does my buddy, celebrity publicist Clarence McMillan, come into #TheGaysHaveSpoken to talk about this highly-publicized feud?  As a close friend and representative of Teyana and a former friend and industry associate to Rihanna, McMillan’s name was tagged into some of the mudslinging between the starlets’ camps to which he addressed Rihanna and her best friend Melyssa Forde on the beef.

Onlookers, including I, wanted to get to the bottom of how this beef got started, and McMillan willfully shared the details.  Was the beef over Taylor’s close friendship with Chris Brown or Rihanna lack of industry support to her former friend? Has Taylor’s and McMillan’s ties to the music industry suffered because of Rihanna’s backing by the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce?

Press play in the video below to get all the behind-the-scenes tea.

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“Ken” Creator Eddie Griffith Talks Second Season Plans & Building Network With Other Black Gay Webseries

TGHS - Eddie Griffith-a

TGHS - Eddie Griffith

One thing that I can appreciate from creatives in the LGBT community is when they understand the importance of networking among each other and actually doing the networking.  When I chatted with “Ken” webseries creator/director Eddie Griffth, he impressed me on how he stays in touch with “No Shade” creator/director Sean Anthony and “Finding Me” creator/director Roger Omeus.

In his recent interview on #TheGaysHaveSpoken, Griffith mentions the importance of building a networking within the LGBT community – especially people of color and how he would like to see a full-fledged online networking that supports all the works within the community.  I tried to give that idea to two different individuals back in 2010. We see where that went.  I hope that Griffith’s vision will be carried out one day soon.  There is so much potential in that.

Griffith also shared some exciting news about “Ken” season two plans.  Check out how you can be a part of the second season and more by pressing that play button below.

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Metrell Hurst Teases A Potential Duet With Rapper On Upcoming “Here I Am” Album

TGHS - Metrell Hurst-a

TGHS - Metrell Hurst

R&B heartthrob Metrell Hurst and I chatted about his upcoming album Here I Am which will be rleased around Mother’s Day.  The New York crooner gave me some insights on his recording processing including the soul-drenched “I Can Do Better” duet with New Jersey tenor Damien Crawford.

Hurst also mentioned that a popular rapper is set to jump on a remix of one of Here I Am‘s album cuts since not making the cut to be on the album version.  Who is the rapper?  Which song is Metrell talking about?  Check it out on the latest interview segment of #TheGaysHaveSpoken.

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Metrell Hurst Promises “I Can Do Better” Remix With Damien Crawford

TGHS - Metrell Hurst-a

TGHS - Metrell Hurst

Thousands and thousands of us got to hear the smooth R&B melodies of Metrell Hurst’s hit duet “I Can Do Better” with New Jersey hitmaking crooner Damien Crawford.  If you thought that one dosage of this steamy duet was the only offering the twosome planned to bless us with, be glad that we are wrong.

In this latest segment of my interviewing webseries #TheGaysHaveSpoken, Metrell Hurst sheds light on a “part two” of “I Can Do Better.”  Exactly, what does that entail?  Hurst explained that the hit’s remixed version has a more “current” sound as the album version provided a throwback vibe to early 1990′s soul music.  Hmmmm…sounds appetizing.

Check out the explicit details of this forthcoming music by pressing play in the video below.

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“No Shade” Cast Reflects On Transphobic Experience While Filming In Texas

TGHS - No Shade-a

TGHS - No Shade

In my recent interview with “No Shade” webseries stars Tamara Williams, David Brandyn and Terry Torro for #TheGaysHaveSpoken, we chatted about how successfully they pull of shooting scenes for the series despite not garnering permits to shoot at locales exclusively.  That piece of information made me wonder whether the cast and crew ran into any dangerous incidents while filming.

Though almost every shade of the first season of “No Shade” was shot in New York City, the cast and crew were fortunate enough not to run into any danger.  Conversely, the cast reflected on an incident which took place in Texas during a Black gay pride weekend where Tamara was the target of transphobia from passersby.

Check out the video below where the stars talk about that drama, how they handled that situations and the lessons learned from that precarious event.

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Marck Angel Calls Out LOGO On Racism & Mainstream Gay Bloggers On Avoiding Support To Gay Musicians

TGHS - Marck Angel-a

TGHS - Marck Angel

Urban-pop singer Marck may be one of the friendliest voices among the LGBT community’s it-people, but, when asked about his opinions about urban gay musicians like he gaining support from gay bloggers who report on music and celebrities and the self-proclaimed LGBT televised media LOGO, Angel minced no words towards his feelings on their lack of support.

We started off the communication about whether he feels love and support from the community at-large to which the DC-resident beamed about the acclaim he received from fans and gay-themed media like The G-List Society toward his recent work.  That conversation segued into whether the LOGO’s, Mediatakeout’s, Perez Hilton’s, Sandra Rose’s, Funky Dineva’s and B. Scott’s of the media world and blogosphere show love to non-mainstream gay musicians, especially Black ones – outside of highlighting (i.e., “making fun of”) of the coon-ish or stereotypically campy behavior assumed on gay men – in particular, the flamboyant ones.

Press play on the latest episode of #TheGaysHaveSpoken where Angel shares his candid thoughts on mainstream media’s portrayal of talented gay and lesbian musicians.  Sidebar: I agree with him 100,000%

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