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R&B Singer Kelly Price On B.Slade: There’s An Amazing Atmosphere That Follows Him

B Slade

B Slade 2

If you are a music artist who is deemed as a “genius” by one of the greatest vocalists of the past couple decades like R&B powerhouse Kelly Price, then you must be a musician that real music fans must pay attention to. “Genius” is exactly how Price described her friend of many years, gospel/urban singer B.Slade.  Haven’t I said the same thing about him?

Price dropped some exclusive info with me about how her friendship began with the “Could It Be U” crooner.

On how Price met B.Slade and her admiration of his talent:
“I was automatically smitten by his ability, not just his vocal ability but as a music creator and a producer. When I heard him sing, I was aware that there is much more to him that just a talented singer. He’s really a genius.”

Price shares how close her friendship with the gospel icon has been throughout the years:
“When he came to Atlanta, he would come to church with me.  He would come to my house and eat and then crash on the floor in the basement. It was that kind of relationship, and those are the relationships I cherish the most.”

In summary, she labels her relationship with the “Deep Puple” vocalist as “real.” Check out all that she had to say in the video segment below about her admiration for Slade and the fond memories of a friendship that dates back to the 1990′s.

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R&B Diva Kelly Price Details A Family Friendship With Lance Bass: “We’ve Been Really Good Friends For 15 Years.”

Lance Bass

Lance Bass

Even though I have friends from all walks of life, the most surprising tidbit I learned about “It’s My Time” songstress Kelly Price is that she has a close friendship with former pop boy band member-turned-gay icon Lance Bass.  I got Ms. Price to elaborate on her friendship with Bass, who appears on her music video “It’s My Time,” and she recounted, “we’ve been really good friends for 15 years.”

On how Price and Bass met, Price reflected:
“He literally approached me many years ago and told me that he was a fan. “The day that Soul Of A Woman came out [in 1998], [Lance] had [NSync's] tour bus pull over, and he bought 15 copies of Soul Of A Woman and put [a copy] in each bus during the ‘NSync tour.”

On how Bass stands out as a friend from the entertainment industry despite of coming from different genres and having different audiences:
“There are a very few people in this [music] industry I am really good friends with.”  She adds, “that’s the nature of our friendship. It is very personal. We hang with each other. We have a long-standing relationship and a mutual admiration for each other.”

Kelly shared a moment how Bass would treat her children to big surprises on their birthdays:
“My son’s birthday was at a roller skating rink, an hour outside of Atlanta. Lance got in a car,drove an hour outside of Atlanta on that day of [his] ‘NSync concert, came to my son’s 10th birthday party and came to hang out with the kids. There was pandemonium everywhere.”

Check out the interview below.

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Marck Angel Shoots Down Rumors Of Beef With Damien Crawford & Metrell Hurst; Speaks On His Influence

Marck Angel

Marck Angel

R&B/pop singer Marck Angel is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet in the LGBT community, and hearing him embroiled in a beef with anyone, especially another singer in the community, seems to be absurd.  With rumors running rampant recently about Angel versus “I Can Do Better” singers Damien Crawford and Metrell Hurst beefing over using similar producers and directors for their music projects, it was great to hear from Angel directly that the beef is nonsense and that the crooners are friends with each.

Moreover, Angel mentions how he is open to collaborating with Damien on “an amazing track” and how he is proud to influence Crawford and Hurst the way he was inspired by the likes of Baron, B.Slade and Nhojj.

Da Doo-Dirty Show hostess Splash T gets all the tea from Marck in one of his most revealing interviews. Listen to the singer’s words by pressing play below.

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THE G-SOUND: The 25 Hottest Tunes By LGBT R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of 2012

Damien Crawford3

Rahsaan Patterson

2012 has been a huge year for talented LGBT musicians in the hip-hop and R&B genres.  Many of our talents have really stepped up their game with recordings that could rival today’s mainstream divas and crooners.  The G-List Society could not be any more prouder than the efforts and releases that have been shared with us in 2012.

Thus, The G-List Society unveils our list of the 25 Hottest Tunes By LGBT R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of 2012.  It is time that you become familiar with these names as you will see more of them on here.  We support our own LGBT musicians.  We encourage you to do the same.

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