Created in 2010 and launched in 2012 by blogger/event producer Waddie G., THE G-LIST SOCIETY is a collective of LGBT culture architects who stay hip to the news, entertainment and social circuits within LGBT communities across the world. The LGBT culture architects are personalities and social influencers who use their ideas and passions to create platforms that speak to the conversations, challenges and celebrations among gays and lesbians.

The G-List Society’s forum is divided among three platforms:

THE BLOG: Created and ran by Waddie G., the blog touches on topics of the LGBT lifestyle, entertainment and news in addition to fashion, popular music and pop culture. Click here to begin reading the content. In 2014, additional voices, a..k.a. “culture architects,” will join The G-List Society adding additional points-of-view on LGBT lifestyle, community and entertainment.

ONLINE VIDEOS: The G-List Society posts videos on its YouTube channel featuring exclusive interviews with LGBT personalities (#TheGaysHaveSpoken) and exclusive event coverage of special events in LGBT communities across America (The G-Scene).

SOCIAL EVENTS: Since 2005, Waddie G. hosted social events and productions catering to the LGBT community and friends in Chicago, New York City and Atlanta.  Events included his most-popular white attire affair, black attire affair, celebrity-hosted events, concerts, community forums, networking socials, after work socials, potlucks, holiday affairs, etc.


Waddie G.

Waddie G. – Owner & Creative Director