Which Remaining Queens Deserve To Be The Top 3 Of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8?


After tonight’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season eight airs tonight, there should be five constants remaining to compete for the title of America’s next drag superstar crowned by legendary drag personality RuPaul.

This season afforded the “Drag Race” franchise one of its most competitive and entertaining seasons with a diverse set of queens possessing years of drag entertainment experience, of which some I had the pleasure of seeing them in action before their “Drag Race” debut.  After several episodes, the remaining queens have proven to be qualified talents who brought the personality, pizzazz and confidence that their fallen opponents failed to do.

Among the six queens who will appear in tonight’s #ShadyPolitics episode, which three has the potential of winning the coveted title as the new America’s next drag superstar?  After watching all the previous episodes, I have chosen three of the remaining who are most likely to be the season’s final three contestants.

I have seen Bob the Drag Queen performed at least three times in New York City before his “Drag Race” debut.  Bob is an undeniable talent and has proven to be the contestant to beat on “Drag Race” season eight.  Bob’s success in performance and costume challenges have made his most inferior opponent Derrick Berry praying for Bob’s downfall.  Bob is a great actor and can put a costume together.  The only thing that gets in the way of Bob, like any front-runner, is getting in his own way with his confidence and being able to adapt to instructions by people whom he feels has superior knowledge or talent in said tasks.


Kim Chi will probably win Miss Congeniality among this season’s “Drag Race” contestants because he is so lovable and dorky-funny.  Costume-wise, no other queen has the ability to pull off anime drag with larger-than-life make-up skills like Kim.  Kim also slays with the outfits.  His eye for design has been able to meet or exceed every runway challenge of the season so far.  The very thing that will get in Kim Chi’s way of winning the crown is his performance.  So far, Chi had the fortune of not lip-syncing for his life because that would have been his end before tonight’s episode.  Kim Chi’s stiff movements on the runway and performances, on top of his sometimes self-defeat attitude, will most likely be his reason for not being crowned as the next drag superstar because a great drag queen has to be more than just a look.  A drag superstar must be able to perform.


I love watching Thorgy Thor on stage in some of the parties I have attended in Brooklyn, NY.  This comedy queen works the crowd like an elite drag star could.  Thorgy’s desire to win is very evident in this season but has yet to turn out into a challenge win but always as a runner-up instead.  While Thorgy’s wit is always sharp and timely and her costumes always meet or exceed challenge expectations, Bob the Drag Queen’s personality and wardrobe always outshine Thorgy’s offerings, regardless for the better or worse.  As there are some queens who have been told to edit or tone down their presence in the show to win challenges, Thorgy needs to turn up when up against Bob and Kim Chi, plus, the personality of Chi Chi Devayne and the signature look of Naomi Smalls.

About the other contestants, Derrick Berry, a.k.a. the Britney Spears impersonator — or Courtney Act Pt. 2, should have been eliminated at least three episodes ago for being the most mediocre queen of the season.  Naomi Smalls is a beauty, but he is only a look, one that is minimal and not as versatile as the competition.  Chi Chi Devayne is the season’s underdog who deserves to be a finalist, but his lack of confidence and unwillingness to push himself to go beyond his comfort zone will hinder him from realizing that feat.

My prediction for the winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 8 winner is…

Second to Bianca Del Rio, season six winner of “Drag Race” and fellow New York drag star, Bob the Drag Queen is Drag Race’s greatest contestant of all seasons.  Drag entertainment has not seemed as natural on any contestant besides Bob.  He deserves to win season eight.

Who do you hope or predict to make the season’s top three?  Let me know on the comment section of The G-List Society Facebook page.

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