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Sunny Reign S1E6

Sunny Reign S1E6

I may have become a new fan of the lesbian web-series titled “Sunny Reign.”  After watching the recent episode “Sunny Reign,” I wanted more of the seven-minute clip because this story line seemed oh so scandalous.

If you are unfamiliar with “Sunny Reign,” it is a brand-new web-series where the title character Reign and her clique of lesbian friends get into different types of dangerous crimes.  In this episode, news spreading about a popular drug slipped into people’s drinks have already seen a male as one of their victims.  Also, Reign’s gang of friends are caught up in a money-stealing scheme with restaurant servers as their targets.

Though the story lines are provocative, I am disappointed on how this episode cut off without any climax of the heinous actions committed by Reign and her gang.  Wouldn’t it be great to see how the money-thieving affected the servers and the restaurateurs?  Also, the aftermath of the drugged out male victim really made no sense.

Regardless of my criticism, this series is worth checking.  Hopefully, the writers and producers of this show will develop their brilliantly provocative story lines.  A LGBT web-series based on crimes than random everyday stories we see on all the other web-series is where it’s at.  I am rooting for “Sunny Reign” because it has the potential of being my guilty pleasure.

Check out their latest episode “Confuse Reality” below.  It’s scandalous!

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