Karamo Brown Provides Insight To Frank Ocean’s Future Success As Out Musician

Karamo Brown8

The G-List had the pleasure of reaching out to reality TV star-turned-celebrity interviewer Karamo Brown to talk about R&B singer Frank Ocean’s success as a mainstream music artist since the revelation of his sexuality.  We remember Karamo on the popular reality-TV series “The Real World” as the former Texas resident of Jamaican heritage announced to the world that he was gay within the first episode of his season some years ago.  The world, especially the LGBT community, was shocked to see a young, masculine African-American man announcing his sexuality to the world as his introduction to the world, especially before sharing the news with his family.  Since his stint in reality-TV, Brown has moved on to a lucrative career in entertainment which involves modeling, acting and TV corresponding gigs.  He also been an activist for LGBT equality over the years.

Reflecting on his instant celebrity as a proud out African-American male, he offered this insight on Ocean’s future success.

Frank has elevated the bar of honesty in the hip-hop [and R&B] community. More should follow his lead. He will always work and sell records because of his courage to live in his truth.

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