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THE G-POD: “Winter Titty” by Zebra Katz [VIDEO] @ZebraKatz



While most humans decided to stay out of Mother Nature’s way when record-breaking wind chill an freezing temperatures hit towns all over the world, Brooklyn emcee Zebra Katz used the frigid weather as its muse for his new single “Winter Titty.”  The single’s video caught shots of frozen settings resulted from the recent winter chills as Katz rhymes in an acid-rap flow of a woman who is hot trot.

Zebra Katz and his team always see fine visuals from everyday things and turn them into artistry for his music video.  He is one of the few out rappers whom I respect wholly as a lyricist, conceptualist and a creative.

Check out Katz’ “Winter Titty” music video below. Should I blur out the word “titty?”

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THE G-SOUND: The 25 Hottest Tunes By LGBT R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of 2012

Damien Crawford3

Rahsaan Patterson

2012 has been a huge year for talented LGBT musicians in the hip-hop and R&B genres.  Many of our talents have really stepped up their game with recordings that could rival today’s mainstream divas and crooners.  The G-List Society could not be any more prouder than the efforts and releases that have been shared with us in 2012.

Thus, The G-List Society unveils our list of the 25 Hottest Tunes By LGBT R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of 2012.  It is time that you become familiar with these names as you will see more of them on here.  We support our own LGBT musicians.  We encourage you to do the same.

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