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Ulysses & Roque Pose For An Exclusive Waddie G. Photoshoot At New York Fashion Week

2014-02-08 - Ulysses Williams & Roque Caston at Calla Fashion Show (3)

2014-02-08 - Ulysses Williams & Roque Caston at Calla Fashion Show (2)

2014-02-08 - Ulysses Williams & Roque Caston at Calla Fashion Show (3)

Though New York Fashion Week happened about three weeks ago, I had to show off my photography skills as I shot photos of my media friends Ulysses Williams and Roque Caston at one of the fashion showrooms inside Milk Studios.  They came up with the idea of taking a photo of them laying on the floor of one of the designer’s showrooms, but I wanted to take the single photo to a full-blown photoshoot.

I directed their angles and expression which resulted in the photos you see in this post.

What do you make of these?

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Waddie G. & Will Sheridan Parties Up – Underwater Style – In Brooklyn

2014-02-22 - Will Sheridan Parties In Brooklyn's Paper Box

2014-02-22 - Will Sheridan Parties In Brooklyn's Paper Box (2)

2014-02-22 - Will Sheridan Parties In Brooklyn's Paper Box

I started off last weekend with a NYC party hoppin’ romp with rap star Will Sheridan in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs on Friday night.  The evening’s festivities ended in an East Williamsburg neighborhood warehouse, The Paper Box, in Brooklyn.  A couple of Brooklyn party promoters hosting a “under the sea” themed party where revelers dressed in costumes that resembled popular fictional sea characters such as Ariel and SpongeBob Squarepants.

While I had a good time people-watching in the Paper Box, I was hypnotized by the sounds spun by dance music deejay Juliana Huxtable.  Huxtable’s playlist introduced me to glorious remixes of some of my favorite songs of the moment that sent my spirits to another world. I was entranced by the records she played and must follow wherever her gigs are.

In case you have never heard of this fabulous deejay, Google her and find out where her next gigs are so you can witness her spinning mastery for yourself.  In the meantime, check the remaining photos I took from the party.

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THE G-SCENE: Chicago Sunday Brunches With The Fellas…

Sunday brunch 2013-11-12

Sunday brunch 2013-11-12


It is always wonderful to gather with friendly faces in Chicago over the weekends, and one of my favorite ways of doing so is over food [or coffee or drinks] and conversation.  Started unofficially last week, Chicago personalities Franky Hale and Scott Rivers (DJ GucciRoxx) sent text messages to friends to caucus over brunch before the work week began.  Thus, six of us met up at the popular gay-owned restaurant Nookie’s in Chicago far north side.  Joining Hale, Rivers and me were fellow Chicago personalities Thomas Law, Matt McKinney and Joe Martin.

This past Sunday, the crew wanted to settle at one Chicago’s trendiest and tastiest brunch spots in the exclusive Gold Coast neighborhood named Table 52.  The reservation swelled up to a dozen of us acquaintances, and it was a fun-filled conversation of sorts for two hours.

If you have never eaten brunch at Table 52 before, put this place on your list of must-eats. The menu is filled with comfort food with an upscale, fine dining twist.  The macaroni cheese is the dish to die for and then spend three days straight on the treadmill following.  I enjoyed a chorizo and vegetable omelet than placed me under a tasty spell for a couple minutes.

It is safe to say that you will probably see more photos of us fellas dining in the future because these are fun gatherings.  Check out the photos below.

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THE G-SCENE: High Society Entertainment & Ciroc Vodka Kick Off ‘Love Saturdays’ In Chicago

2013-11-02 - The High Society's Love Saturdays Opening (18)

2013-11-02 - The High Society's Love Saturdays Opening (20)

Want to go out for a good time in Chicago on a Saturday night?  The place is to be is at Red Kiva on Randolph Street in the city’s uber-trendy neighborhood.  High Society Entertainment’s team recently re-energized the Black gay social scene on Saturday nights with “Love Saturdays.”

I had to come to the launch party for the weekly affair, and I must tell you that this is a cannot-miss weekend activity.  It has been a long while since I have seen so many patrons in the urban gay scene dressed-up for a weekly social (because Red Kiva is the place that calls for that kind of dress code).  Lots of suits jackets mingled with the hipsters. The bar was frequently visited (which means this new spot will have longevity). The hottest sounds of R&B and hip-hop that filled the lounge made everyone bob their heads, especially with its throwback segment paying homage to R&B acts that aren’t often on repeats in weekly club sets.

My favorite part of the night, besides mingling with a couple buddies whom I have not seen throughout 2013, was the drink tastings hosted High Society’s DJ GucciRoxx and Ciroc.  Scott Rivers (a.k.a. GucciRoxx) and Ciroc worked on some new drink recipes with catchy names that I could not resist.  If you like a semi-sweet drink with sass, ask for the Olivia Pope.  If you like a manly and fashionably light drink, ask for the Tom Ford.  If the sweet drink is your thing, go for the Forbidden Fruit. It tastes as forbidden as the name, and it satisfies you without thirsting for more for the wrong reason.

‘Love Saturdays” is for you if you enjoy the urban gay social scene that deviates from the ratchet of south side and Circuit nightclub parties.  I missed out last weekend’s festivities but heard that the reviews for the opening night were so good that people could not get in this past Saturday due to capacity.  Perhaps, the trend can begin when thirsty people stop showing up until the last two hours of a club night in hopes of getting sex from other people who are lingering at 3am with nothing else better to do.

Check out the photos taken below at this newly hot Saturday affair. It was great to run into some of Chicago’s social tastemakers.

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