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“No Shade” Cast Reflects On Transphobic Experience While Filming In Texas

TGHS - No Shade-a

TGHS - No Shade

In my recent interview with “No Shade” webseries stars Tamara Williams, David Brandyn and Terry Torro for #TheGaysHaveSpoken, we chatted about how successfully they pull of shooting scenes for the series despite not garnering permits to shoot at locales exclusively.  That piece of information made me wonder whether the cast and crew ran into any dangerous incidents while filming.

Though almost every shade of the first season of “No Shade” was shot in New York City, the cast and crew were fortunate enough not to run into any danger.  Conversely, the cast reflected on an incident which took place in Texas during a Black gay pride weekend where Tamara was the target of transphobia from passersby.

Check out the video below where the stars talk about that drama, how they handled that situations and the lessons learned from that precarious event.

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“No Shade” Director Sean Anthony Talks Casting & Gay Personalities Who Wanted To Join The Cast

TGHS - Sean Anthony-a

TGHS - Sean Anthony

In kicking off the brand-new, ongoing interview segment webseries #TheGaysHaveSpoken, I am happy to announce my exclusive sit-down with “No Shade” creator and director Sean Anthony is the first subject in the hot seat.  The New York filmmaker and I chatted about how he put the webseries together with its stellar casting of Tamara Williams, Terry Torro, David Brandyn and Donnie DuRight and how such a production that looked seamless on screen had its precarious moments.

Check out this clip as Anthony reminisces on the fate that brought the “No Shade” stars to him when casting.  I also wanted to know on whether particular popular LGBT personalities tried to throw their weight in to become a part of an episode or the cast.  You must hear Anthony’s logical point-of-view on addressing that too.

What are you waiting for?  Press play to get the exclusive.

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“No Shade” Webseries Celebrate Swerv Magazine Cover With Fans In NYC

2014-02-11 - No Shade's Swerv Magazine Cover Celebration (13)

“No Shade” director Sean Anthony and actors Terry Torro and David Brandyn

2014-02-11 - No Shade's Swerv Magazine Cover Celebration (7)

Swerve magazine’s team: photographer Artoni, editor-in-chief Jamil Fletcher and fashion expert Yarde Noir

Last week, the cast of the hit webseries “No Shade” celebrated its exclusive cover story with Swerv magazine inside popular gay bar Secret in New York City. The who’s who in New York City and New Jersey came by and showed the show’s creator Sean Anthony and castmates Tamara Williams, David Brandyn and Terry Torro love in a major way.

Personally, this celebration was one of my favorite mixers I have attended in NYC so far because I got to catch up with many of our favorite LGBT personalities including Isaam Houston (“Iyanla, Fix My Life), radio jockey/club promoter Julius McFly, educator/youth activist Darnell L. Moore, Wesley Henderson (“A-Connection TV), Secret owner Brice Scipio and the cast of Da Doo-Dirty Show.

At the event, “No Shade” visionary Sean Anthony shared exclusively with the fans about the show’s season two’s online fundraising campaign on GoFundMe.com and the cast’s gratitude for the universal support from LGBT people of color and youth.

Check out the photos from this fun-filled event below.

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National Minority Business Council Hosts Inaugural Mixer; Plans LGBT Initiative

2014-02-11 - NMBC's The Gathering Mixer Kick-Off (8)
2014-02-11 - NMBC's The Gathering Mixer Kick-Off (8)

Clarence L. McMillan & Nefertiti A. Strong (left) and Richard E. Pelzer II (far right)

2014-02-11 - NMBC's The Gathering Mixer Kick-Off (5)

Terry Torro & Sean Anthony (“No Shade” – left)

After four decades of serving entrepreneurs of color and female business owners in America, the National Minority Business Council (NMBC) set its sights on revitalizing the organization to further its mission of education and fostering networking among entrepreneurs within many industries.  The New York City headquartered organization started its reinvention with a move to the city’s Midtown district – in particular, the famed Paramount Plaza building in a joint venture with BNY (Bank of New York) Mellon.

In celebration of its new location, housing of affiliated entrepreneurs and upcoming initiatives serving women and LGBT people color, hosted its kickoff monthly mixer last month attracting the city’s entreprenuer to engage in building new business relationships and learning about the services the organization provides to upstart and seasoned business owners.

Todd ‘Donutologist’ Jones, owner of Cuzin’ Duzin’, was the featured entrepreneur to kick off this monthly networking series.  After 25 years as an employee at Dunkin’ Donuts, Jones took his food service experience to create his business of making tasty donuts, including Ciroc Berry-flavored powdered donuts. They were scrumptious.

There will be news coming concerning a major focus on LGBT entrepreneurs that I cannot wait to share with you once the program takes off.  In the meantime, check out the photos from the event below.  Image makers Richard E. Pelzer II, Ulysses Williams and Nefertiti A. Strong play a strong influence in the upcoming initiatives that will serve women and the LGBT community.  Swerv magazine journalist Yarde Noir, celebrity publicist Clarence McMillan, New York’s Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce board member Ingrid Galvez were some of the LGBT luminaries who stopped by to enjoy the fellowship.

Check out the rest of the event’s photos below.

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