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Sampson McCormick & Dion the Comedian Added To DR Takeover 2014′s Line-Up

flyer - DR Takeover comedy show

flyer - DR Takeover comedy show

Adding to the impressive list of actor Jensen Atwood and singer Damien Crawford, comedians Sampson McCormick and Dion the Comedian have been recruited to be part of the entertainment of the highly anticipated DR Takeover travel weekend this September. This trip will be the first Caribbean gig for both talents, especially adding more highlights to McCormick’s very successful career of the past year.

Always the feel-good getaway for gay men of color and friends during Labor Day weekend, DR Takeover 14 is the newly remixed version of the vacation of what is once was.  Hundreds will flock from all over North America for this excursion’s fun-filled outdoor activities, all-inclusive luxuries, nightly parties, unforgettable moments and newly-formed friendships.

The men of DR Takeover are planning a promoting tour in some of America’s major cities stay tuned for more info.

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The “Black LGBT Power 100″ 2013: The World’s Most Influential Black LGBT Personalities Pt. 1

Jacob Kohinoor2

2013 exceeded 2012′s feat as the year Black gays, lesbians and trans-people flexed their political, creative, financial and celebrity power within the Black LGBT community and beyond.  Hundreds of Black same-gender-loving men and women from all over the world grabbed headlines locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for their significant achievements, record-breaking accomplishments and controversial notoriety that rival demographics with seemingly larger influences. Throughout 2013, many brave people in the Black LGBT community stepped out on their courageous leadership in positive and controversial ways to show that power is also in the Black same-gender-loving voice regardless of reach.

After the release of 2012′s Black LGBT Power 50 list, then titled “Black Gays Rock,” the overwhelming response showed how seriously our fellow Black gays, lesbians and trans-people took the intent of this list. From the congratulatory to the ego-trippin’, each comment was welcomed as the list’s credibility and suggestion to Black LGBT community that we need to celebrate ourselves more, with and without rankings, and recognize who our power players are beyond our social circles and regions.  The 2013 “Black Gay Power 100″ list boasts its rankings on the influence, notoriety and achievements within the last 12 months.  Unlike other lists, this is not a legacy list acknowledging people for accomplishments of years ago, a list that spites a previously published one because of ego issues, a ratchet list objectifying ourselves shamelessly or a list driven by gender, region or industry.

This labor of love took more than two months of data gathering and debate to see how the power ranking will be measured.  The feedback from people who looked forward to making the 2013 list raised the bar on how the rankings are graded.  The end result of the rankings is measured by how each personality and group fit in the five qualities the “IN-crowd”: the INfamous, the INfluential, the INnovative, the INspiring and the INtriguing.  My esteemed nameless colleagues and I graded 232 suggested names for the 2013 “Black LGBT Power 100″ and the personalities and groups who earned the highest totals upon the sums of each categories ranked in their applicable positions.

Set your egos aside and celebrate the honorees of the 2013 “Black LGBT Power 100.”

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Comedian Sampson McCormick Releases “That Bitch Better Be Funny” Trailer

Sampson McCormick

Sampson McCormick2

Washington DC comic Sampson McCormick is hella funny. If you have not checked out his webisodes on gay and homophobic topics in his YouTube channel, you are missing out on good laughs.

McCormick’s comedic talent earned him several high-profile gigs in his city and afforded him gigs as far as Atlanta and North Carolina.  Thus, 2013 has become his most successful year.

McCormick’s most important gig in 2013 was his headlining show in Washington DC’s Howard Theater.  In front of a sold-out audience, Sampson recorded his first comedy concert film That Bitch Better Be Funny.  The trailer of the film was released days ago and it shows highlights from his performance and hilarious backstage jitters.

Check out the trailer below.

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