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“No Shade” Director Sean Anthony Talks Casting & Gay Personalities Who Wanted To Join The Cast

TGHS - Sean Anthony-a

TGHS - Sean Anthony

In kicking off the brand-new, ongoing interview segment webseries #TheGaysHaveSpoken, I am happy to announce my exclusive sit-down with “No Shade” creator and director Sean Anthony is the first subject in the hot seat.  The New York filmmaker and I chatted about how he put the webseries together with its stellar casting of Tamara Williams, Terry Torro, David Brandyn and Donnie DuRight and how such a production that looked seamless on screen had its precarious moments.

Check out this clip as Anthony reminisces on the fate that brought the “No Shade” stars to him when casting.  I also wanted to know on whether particular popular LGBT personalities tried to throw their weight in to become a part of an episode or the cast.  You must hear Anthony’s logical point-of-view on addressing that too.

What are you waiting for?  Press play to get the exclusive.

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