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BLACK GAYS ROCK! Features “Who’s Who In R&B and Hip-Hop Music”

Black Gays Rock - Music Edition (icon)

Black Gays Rock - Music Edition

I am glad to kick off the Black Gays Rock! profile series as I have promised to you before.  Outside of reporting my annual “powerful” Black LGBT personalities list ever year, I want to give a platform to as many Black LGBT people who use their talents and leadership to entertain, inspire and inform us.  That form of medium is one of my sincerest passions I need to fulfill – for me, for the Black LGBT community and for the world to see the greatness of my brothers and sisters.

Black Gays Rock! is a profile series on The G-List Society featuring men and women who deserve to be recognized for the platforms that they have created for their own achievements and the service and entertainment of others, especially the LGBT community.

Because of these luminaries, I see many reasons why the Black LGBT community should take pride in its unique class in society.  I share with friends and allies about how I am proud of how the representation of the Black LGBT community progressed within the last decade. I am not giving credit to the limited representation on mainstream media and entertainment. I mentioned that a decade ago, the leaders or well-knowns of the Black LGBT community were primarily party promoters, drag divas, pride organizations, HIV/AIDS activists and porn stars. Since the last few years, I noticed the spectrum of notoriety of the Black LGBT community spreading all over the character map. I am speaking of the self-made mentality of web series producers, bloggers, event promoters, beauty/fashion experts, entrepreneurs, government officials, musicians, authors, educators, lecturers, community organizers, drag divas, ballroom stars, athletes and more who make the “small” community as diverse as its larger society.

Black Gays Rock! will launch in several themed series over time as it kicks off with its “Who’s Who In Music” edition.  The reason I assigned the “music edition” to kick off Black Gays Rock! is because I have utilized The G-List Society media to be a platform to support independent gay and lesbian musicians, especially people of color.  I remember, years ago, how I would not give out hip-hop artists my precious time of attention until I was clued into out hip-hop pioneer Tim’m West.  West was the first, out of the few out hip-hop artists of a decade ago, who shattered my perceived stereotype of what a gay rapper is capable.  Since being hooked onto Timm’s music, I canvassed my friends and constituents to give his music, and others, a chance, and many of my fellow gay friends agreed that sexuality should not deter a talent’s ability to be a great emcee among our favorite mainstream artists – as long as the talent is present.  After Tim’m, I grew attached to the likes of Kaoz, LastO (formerly Last Offence), Will Sheridan, Bry’Nt, King Jabbar and others.  As of the last few years, a crop of singers wanted to come out representing the LGBT community, and I became glued to the likes of B.Slade, Marck Angel, Damien Crawford, Baron, Damien Nova, Anthony Antoine and Nhojj.

The aforementioned are just a few names who deserve to be household names in our community.  In the next few weeks, The G-List Society will post Black Gays Rock! profiles of the following artists for you to familiarize so that their efforts to entertain us reach as many as this forum reaches.  You will get to become acquainted with the background info, influences, achievements – as well as sample music – from these talented individuals and groups.

See who will The G-List Society profile in the Black Gays Rock!: Who’s Who In Music edition below.

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THE G-POD: “Throb Trust” by Damien Nova @DamienNova

Damien Nova 2014

Damien Nova 2014a

Check out this new single “Throb Trust” by Cleveland crooner Damien Nova. If you are a regular reader of my posts, then you know that I pretty much stan for Nova’s kaleidoscope sound.  I just coined the phrase “kaleidoscope sound” because of my need to describe the sounds of creative musicians like Nova whose recordings are mostly genre-bending, colorful and eargamsic.

The track is dope. It’s probably best to hear it in surround sound or with headphones because you have to allow the tracks bass to move you.

Press play below to hear Nova’s “Throb Trust.”

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THE G-POD: “Dog Fight” (snippet) by Damien Nova @DamienNova

Damien Nova5

Damien Nova

I am so excited to see my friend Damien Nova’s new single “Dog Fight” seeing the light of day.  The Cleveland musical genius conjured another futuristic funk/rock-inspired/ tune that blew my mind.

Right now, you only get a snippet of this badass tune.  Get into the guitar riff that begins “Dog Fight,” and you shall be hooked from there on.  This song is a 100% win.  I cannot wait for you to hear the entire tune that I have been listening to for weeks.

In the meantime, check out the snippet that I provided below.  Once the entire song comes out, I’ll make sure that I am one of the first to bring it to you because it is a HIT!

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THE G-SCENE: Damien Nova & Waddie G. Hangs Out At Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Waddie G & Damien Nova

During my trip to Cleveland over the weekend to cover news over the upcoming Gay Games 2014, my schedule was packed site-seeing and entertainment venues so I may provide you the exclusive details on what to expect from the week-long festivities.  Though my itinerary was programmed before my Cleveland arrival, I always want to ensure that I connect with a great local acquaintance of any town I visit.

Thus, I set my goal to catch up with long-time comrade, and singer/songwriter, Damien Nova, whose music I have beamingly supported over the last few years.  Unfortunately, Nova alerted me that he would be in New York City performing music gigs over the weekend.  That was bad news to me until I received a text that he made it back to Cleveland while I was there too.

Upon hearing the great news, we made plans to meet up at the city’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  Because the Hall was the most anticipated stop of my itinerary, I wondered whether I can genuinely invest some of my time to my good buddy and favored musician.  Once Nova showed up, the answer was an immediate yes.  We took a break to catch up about his recent endeavors and upcoming projects as well as a couple snaps [above and below] in the middle of checking out the Rolling Stones exhibit.

Check out the remaining snaps showing Damien Nova in rare form below.

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THE G-POD: “Under The Moon” by @DamienNova

Damien Nova4

Damien Nova6

Get into this new track by one of our favorite genre-bending musicians Damien Nova titled “Under The Moon.” This uptempo jazzy number is a promotional single, so make sure you go to his website to get your free copy because the song is hot.

Press play below to see what we mean.

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THE G-SOUND: “Sucky Sucky” by @DamienNova

Damien Nova8

Damien Nova7

Get ready to dance…and get nasty on the dance floor because soulful singer Damien Nova slays in his Missy Elliott-inspired “Sucky Sucky” single.

This bass-thumpin’ disco-vogue dance track brings out the rap skills that we didn’t know Nova had as he graphically spills the tea on thirsty suitors who are shameless in their quests to sexually arouse him.  If you have gone clubbing, you may have seen some of these scenarios occur…and may have been the aggressor or the accosted.  Do not act like you have not been there…

Anyways, this is another winning club banger by one of our favorite musicians, so press play below and get your life.

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THE G-SOUND: The 25 Hottest Tunes By LGBT R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of 2012

Damien Crawford3

Rahsaan Patterson

2012 has been a huge year for talented LGBT musicians in the hip-hop and R&B genres.  Many of our talents have really stepped up their game with recordings that could rival today’s mainstream divas and crooners.  The G-List Society could not be any more prouder than the efforts and releases that have been shared with us in 2012.

Thus, The G-List Society unveils our list of the 25 Hottest Tunes By LGBT R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of 2012.  It is time that you become familiar with these names as you will see more of them on here.  We support our own LGBT musicians.  We encourage you to do the same.

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