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THE G-SCENE: All Black Entrepreneurs Hosted Philly Black Pride Day Party

2014-04-26 - All Black Entrepreneurs' Day Party (23)

It was the hottest day party I attended in many years among the Black gay scene.  Party promoter Geoffrey Grice and his friends at All Black Entrepreneurs hosted a spectacular Philly Black Pride event where hundreds of sexy men and the who’s who came out for an an afternoon of drinks, blazing music and camaraderie.

2014-04-26 - All Black Entrepreneurs' Day Party (46)

2014-04-26 - All Black Entrepreneurs' Day Party (9)

As I walked in the doors of the swanky Philly hipster studio, the party was jumping with ongoing mash-ups of some of our favorite radio songs.  I also saw old acquaintances from Chicago and Washington DC on site.

Some of the who’s who I got to catch up with include YouTube personalities Isaam Houston, Moe Goss, Kevin “Skorpion” Simmons, Makael Mclendon, Julius McFly, singers Damien Crawford and Marck Angel, social media personalities Eric Jones, Den Jones, ShawnQT, model/DR Takeover promoter Kevin Dolloson and party promoters Terrence Morrison and Kurtis (of Ingite DMV).

2014-04-26 - All Black Entrepreneurs' Day Party (35)

2014-04-26 - All Black Entrepreneurs' Day Party (3)

Check out more photos from the fun-filled event below.

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Metrell Hurst Promises “I Can Do Better” Remix With Damien Crawford

TGHS - Metrell Hurst-a

TGHS - Metrell Hurst

Thousands and thousands of us got to hear the smooth R&B melodies of Metrell Hurst’s hit duet “I Can Do Better” with New Jersey hitmaking crooner Damien Crawford.  If you thought that one dosage of this steamy duet was the only offering the twosome planned to bless us with, be glad that we are wrong.

In this latest segment of my interviewing webseries #TheGaysHaveSpoken, Metrell Hurst sheds light on a “part two” of “I Can Do Better.”  Exactly, what does that entail?  Hurst explained that the hit’s remixed version has a more “current” sound as the album version provided a throwback vibe to early 1990′s soul music.  Hmmmm…sounds appetizing.

Check out the explicit details of this forthcoming music by pressing play in the video below.

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Metrell Hurst Confronts Criticism Over Heterosexual-Themed “I Can Do Better” Music Video

TGHS - Metrell Hurst-a

TGHS - Metrell Hurst

R&B heartthrob Metrell Hurst’s voice may sound like melted gold, but you better not challenge him on his certainty about his artistry.  In my first exclusive with the New York tenor, he sets the record straight on the criticisms and controversy surrounding his duet single “I Can Do Better” with New Jersey crooner Damien Crawford.

Remember that hot and steamy music video where those two heartthrobs had their shirts off and flexing their every muscle while singing?  Yeah, that one.  It is that same video where some of you had a problem seeing these two openly gay singers fighting over a female love interest.  Even, yours truly admitted to being puzzled over the love interest choice.

Mr. Hurst articulated his take on the criticism so earnestly about what it is to be an interpreter of music that I had to give him a high-five afterward on setting you and me straight…figuratively speaking, of course.

On top showing humility towards to showering praise of the video’s sex appeal, check out #TheGaysHaveSpoken episode below where Metrell addresses the people who challenged him to stop “acting like a hetero.”

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BLACK GAYS ROCK! Features “Who’s Who In R&B and Hip-Hop Music”

Black Gays Rock - Music Edition (icon)

Black Gays Rock - Music Edition

I am glad to kick off the Black Gays Rock! profile series as I have promised to you before.  Outside of reporting my annual “powerful” Black LGBT personalities list ever year, I want to give a platform to as many Black LGBT people who use their talents and leadership to entertain, inspire and inform us.  That form of medium is one of my sincerest passions I need to fulfill – for me, for the Black LGBT community and for the world to see the greatness of my brothers and sisters.

Black Gays Rock! is a profile series on The G-List Society featuring men and women who deserve to be recognized for the platforms that they have created for their own achievements and the service and entertainment of others, especially the LGBT community.

Because of these luminaries, I see many reasons why the Black LGBT community should take pride in its unique class in society.  I share with friends and allies about how I am proud of how the representation of the Black LGBT community progressed within the last decade. I am not giving credit to the limited representation on mainstream media and entertainment. I mentioned that a decade ago, the leaders or well-knowns of the Black LGBT community were primarily party promoters, drag divas, pride organizations, HIV/AIDS activists and porn stars. Since the last few years, I noticed the spectrum of notoriety of the Black LGBT community spreading all over the character map. I am speaking of the self-made mentality of web series producers, bloggers, event promoters, beauty/fashion experts, entrepreneurs, government officials, musicians, authors, educators, lecturers, community organizers, drag divas, ballroom stars, athletes and more who make the “small” community as diverse as its larger society.

Black Gays Rock! will launch in several themed series over time as it kicks off with its “Who’s Who In Music” edition.  The reason I assigned the “music edition” to kick off Black Gays Rock! is because I have utilized The G-List Society media to be a platform to support independent gay and lesbian musicians, especially people of color.  I remember, years ago, how I would not give out hip-hop artists my precious time of attention until I was clued into out hip-hop pioneer Tim’m West.  West was the first, out of the few out hip-hop artists of a decade ago, who shattered my perceived stereotype of what a gay rapper is capable.  Since being hooked onto Timm’s music, I canvassed my friends and constituents to give his music, and others, a chance, and many of my fellow gay friends agreed that sexuality should not deter a talent’s ability to be a great emcee among our favorite mainstream artists – as long as the talent is present.  After Tim’m, I grew attached to the likes of Kaoz, LastO (formerly Last Offence), Will Sheridan, Bry’Nt, King Jabbar and others.  As of the last few years, a crop of singers wanted to come out representing the LGBT community, and I became glued to the likes of B.Slade, Marck Angel, Damien Crawford, Baron, Damien Nova, Anthony Antoine and Nhojj.

The aforementioned are just a few names who deserve to be household names in our community.  In the next few weeks, The G-List Society will post Black Gays Rock! profiles of the following artists for you to familiarize so that their efforts to entertain us reach as many as this forum reaches.  You will get to become acquainted with the background info, influences, achievements – as well as sample music – from these talented individuals and groups.

See who will The G-List Society profile in the Black Gays Rock!: Who’s Who In Music edition below.

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Marck Angel Shoots Down Rumors Of Beef With Damien Crawford & Metrell Hurst; Speaks On His Influence

Marck Angel

Marck Angel

R&B/pop singer Marck Angel is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet in the LGBT community, and hearing him embroiled in a beef with anyone, especially another singer in the community, seems to be absurd.  With rumors running rampant recently about Angel versus “I Can Do Better” singers Damien Crawford and Metrell Hurst beefing over using similar producers and directors for their music projects, it was great to hear from Angel directly that the beef is nonsense and that the crooners are friends with each.

Moreover, Angel mentions how he is open to collaborating with Damien on “an amazing track” and how he is proud to influence Crawford and Hurst the way he was inspired by the likes of Baron, B.Slade and Nhojj.

Da Doo-Dirty Show hostess Splash T gets all the tea from Marck in one of his most revealing interviews. Listen to the singer’s words by pressing play below.

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THE G-POD: “I Can Do Better” by Metrell & Damien Crawford [VIDEO] [@m3tr3ll @DamienCrawford]

I Can Do Better2

I Can Do Better1

It is finally here! The highly anticipated music video to Metrell’s & Damien Crawford’s duet “I Can Do Better” is here, and it is muy caliente. Despite there are two gay men fight over a female paramour in the video, The men are giving me life in this video.  In case you are new to reading The G-List Society, I am already a fan of each of these gentlemen vocally.  Hearing them battling over a lover in this R&B slow jam takes me back to when I fell in love with music in the early 90′s. You do not get this much good sangin’ outside of TGT in today’s mainstream R&B world.

Also, Metrell and Damien serve up lots of eye candy, shirtless and fully clothed.  The video director and company set up the scenes quite brilliantly over how the men are singing their sides of the love triangle while the other entangles with the love interest. If the concept has not been done before by mainstream artists, I am certain they wished they would have claimed it (a la R. Kelly’s & Usher’s “Same Girl”).

Check out this scorching hot music video by pressing the play button below.

Sidebar: Why didn’t the video director tell the singers to be more into their female co-star than appearing to look like they are into each other?

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Metrell Hurst & Damien Crawford (And Their Love Interest) Go Behind The Scenes Of “I Can Do Better” Music Video

Damien Crawford & Metrell Hurst3

Damien Crawford & Metrell Hurst1

Damien Crawford & Metrell Hurst2

Two of the baddest singers in the scene are FINALLY releasing the music video we have been waiting for. East coast crooners Damien Crawford and Metrell Hurst joined forces on their scorching hot slow jam “I Can Do Better.” Now, the single has a music video coming out soon.

So what is the plot of “I Can Do Better?” Two gay men one-upping each other over the same female love interest. [PAUSE] Well, at the the song is a banger and the men’s voices are top notch as they are very much eye candy. The video is directed by Red and produced by Wesley Henderson of A-Connection TV.

Enjoy the clip below.

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Sampson McCormick & Dion the Comedian Added To DR Takeover 2014′s Line-Up

flyer - DR Takeover comedy show

flyer - DR Takeover comedy show

Adding to the impressive list of actor Jensen Atwood and singer Damien Crawford, comedians Sampson McCormick and Dion the Comedian have been recruited to be part of the entertainment of the highly anticipated DR Takeover travel weekend this September. This trip will be the first Caribbean gig for both talents, especially adding more highlights to McCormick’s very successful career of the past year.

Always the feel-good getaway for gay men of color and friends during Labor Day weekend, DR Takeover 14 is the newly remixed version of the vacation of what is once was.  Hundreds will flock from all over North America for this excursion’s fun-filled outdoor activities, all-inclusive luxuries, nightly parties, unforgettable moments and newly-formed friendships.

The men of DR Takeover are planning a promoting tour in some of America’s major cities stay tuned for more info.

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Metrell Hurst On Break Up With Pony Zion Over HIV+ Status; Blasts Hot Rod & Derrick L. Briggs?

Metrell Hurst2

Metrell Hurst2

Leave it to online radio host DJ Baker to get one of the most memorable interviews from our Black LGBT personalities.

Because I am not living in the New York/New Jersey area, I became familiar with singer/socialite Metrell Hurst through a couple of features on ADTV and his duet with Damien Crawford titled “I Can Be.”  Though the aforementioned events took place this year, I learned that Hurst is an extremely popular personality in that region.  Why wouldn’t he be so popular?  He possesses great looks, a Southern charm and a singing voice that will make you throw your most expensive bikini brief at him. Don’t act like you wouldn’t.

Because of his notoriety in the NY scene, it was fitting for the talented singer to be a guest on Baker’s Da Doo Dirty Show to promote his latest single “Who I Am.”  On the music front, Hurst talks about his sound coming from his admiration of the 1990′s R&B era while the lyrics put his personal life front and center. Of the sort, Hurst shares intimate life experiences with Baker in this exclusive interview such as surviving child abandonment and physical abuse.

Though the details of Metrell’s dark past before serving in the US Navy and graduating from college was a good story from this New York singer, Baker got Hurst to expose his thoughts on popular personalities ballroom legend Pony Zion, porn star Hot Rod and ADTV personality Derrick L. Briggs.  Judging from listening to what Hurst had to say, this dude is not lying about what he openly expressed, and his mums-the-word on Briggs’ sexual advances spilled more T than than he could have ever verbalized.

So what did he say?  Check out my quick summary and then listen to the interview below.

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THE G-POD: “Turnt Up” by Damien Crawford (featuring Will Sheridan) [VIDEO] – @DamienCrawford @WillSheridan

Damien Crawford - Turnt Up video

Damien Crawford - Turnt Up video2

The video is finally here.  “Turnt Up” by New Jersey crooner Damien Crawford is as energetic as the single itself.  The video is colorful, stylish — and could serve as a great workout video.

I would love to see some more of Crawford’s singles get the video treatment, but I will enjoy this one for now.  It’s a banger.

Check out the hotness by pressing play below.

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