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Al Sura In Black Heats Up Washington DC’s Winter With Another Stellar Fundraising Party

2014-02-23 - Al Sura In Black Party

2014-02-23 - Al Sura In Black Party (4)

2014-02-23 - Al Sura In Black Party (6)

The DC community and friends from New York, Chicago, Atlanta and everywhere in the United States came out largely to support the Al Sura organization in its fifth annual black-attire party on Saturday night.  Al Sura, an AIDS research organization based in Washington DC, hosted its annual affair to support the research for the cure to end AIDS and helping organizations targeting LGBT people of color with grants and scholarships to support their causes.  Undoubtedly, the organization, which included board members Abdur-Rahim Briggs and Ronald Lee McDonald-Thomas, deserved the huge response of support at this gala for their good deeds to the LGBT community.

The who’s who of the east coast were there to celebrate another successful fundraising event including Atlanta couple Gee & Juan Session-Smalls. In fact, I was ecstatic to see them as the first people I run into as I entered the party with my friend Eric E. Jones II. Singer Marck Angel introduced me to his DC besties before attending another celebration with a “Great Gatsby” theme.  Watu Jackson of DC chapter’s Black Men’s Xchange gave me some info about the organization’s projects and leadership changes. And, there were many more I celebrate the evening with that it felt like my time at the black party was too short.

My favorite part of the evening was meeting some of The G-List Society readers including Torey T. Wilson from New Jersey. I had to give him a special shout because he really made my evening by telling me how he follows the blog.

2014-02-23 - Al Sura In Black Party (2)


Check out the remaining photos from the event and the “thank you” letter from the Al Sura organization after its very successful affair.

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Al Sura Announces Its “Al Sura In Black” 2014 Party

Al Sura In Black 2014

Al Sura In Black 2014

I’m sooooooooooooo looking forward to the annual Al Sura In Black party next month in Washington DC.  My friends at the Al Sura organization host this annual affair to raise money for AIDS research, education and awareness. Hundreds of men and women travel from east coast region and other parts of the US to don their finest black attire for this good cause.

You have more than a month to prepare for this event. I look forward to seeing you there.

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