Karamo Brown On Don Lemon: ” He Needs To Get His Sh*t Together”

Remember how CNN journalist Don Lemon angered Black America last year when he displayed the n-word on his TV show to address the outrage when the word is used in particular conversations?  One well-known Black American confronted Lemon the following day on live television to let him know how irresponsible his public service announcement was as a journalist. That man was reality-TV star-turned-TV host Karamo Brown.


Brown and Lemon squared off in a heated debate on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on HLN, which can be seen here, which resulted in Brown labeling Lemon’s segment as irresponsible and a stunt and Lemon questioning Brown’s, and other detractors’, sincerity of outrage since he has conducted a very similar segment in 2013 with little backlash.

Because Don Lemon has found himself in hot water by Black Americans because of his choices of reporting and commentary of the past two years, I asked Karamo whether Lemon is receiving unfair backlash from Black America over his commentary like he said for TV hostess Raven-Symone.

Don doesn’t get a pass like Raven does from me.  The difference is that Raven is a young comedian and actress who was thrusted into a position of an authority figure in society.

Brown elaborated on Lemon’s credentials and identities being reasons why he deserves the ongoing backlash.

Don Lemon is an established journalist, an irresponsible one at that, for being a Black and gay man to encourage other journalists to encourage hate speech.  I don’t care if every Black person in this world say that n-word.  I hate that word.  I don’t want that.  I don’t encourage that.

I definitely don’t want a Black man to get on television and coon himself out there for ratings.  That is my issue with Don.  When he hosted one of the Democratic debates recently and posted the Black Lives Matter question, he gave a condescending laugh about the topic.  That disgusted me.  That looked as if he did not want to be the one to talk about Black American issues.  He seems to want to dilute the issues.

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Brown has strong piece of advice for Lemon regarding his platform.

He’s one of three African-American anchors on a major television network and he has a responsibility to be able to tackle African American issues properly.  Don Lemon needs to get his shit together.

I asked Brown whether the popular perception of Don Lemon by Black Americans is fair that Lemon is a Black notable who purposely disassociates himself from Black people.  Brown disagreed and suggested that being a slave to wealthy gay white men maybe Lemon’s motive to “coon” himself.

He isn’t trying to distance himself from the African American community.  He is just delusional.  I think that wealth and that white man he sleeps has his mind screwed up.  And, I think that the producers that are up in his ear saying “you got to get ratings” are telling him that the show’s white audience likes it when he coons,without saying those exact words.  He doesn’t want to get that place of saying “Whoa! I don’t want to be that guy anymore.”  Until he decides not play himself like that, he will always have issues with Black people in America.

Would Karamo Brown say all the aforementioned to Lemon in person if he had the opportunity to debate him again?  The Houston-bred TV personality affirmed that he will.

I don’t mind telling him that.  Every chance I get, I will tell him.

There is so much more to come from Karamo Brown’s interview.  I appreciated every bit of his unfiltered candor.

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