The “Black LGBT Power 100″ 2013: The World’s Most Influential Black LGBT Personalities Pt. 2

Earlier this month, the Black LGBT community celebrated 60 of its leaders, groups and personalities for their remarkable achievements and notoriety in part one of the 2013 BLACK LGBT POWER 100. The responses and curiosities were overwhelming and caused two days of record-breaking daily traffic on The G-List Society blog among many other milestones. Thus, the mission of this BLACK LGBT POWER 100 list was achieved before the top 40 of 2013 has been announced…until now.

Your compliments and curiosities legitimized the importance of this list. The G-List Society sought to introduce you to and reacquaint you with 100 people, organizations and groups who made noteworthy moves in 2013 attracting the attention of thousands and millions – locally and internationally, within and beyond the Black LGBT community. With a list of these esteemed individuals, the Black LGBT community has the opportunity to see what can be done individually and together regardless of obstacles, resources and opposition.

Since I published this list in 2012, many wanted to know what does it take to be on this list. Click here to understand the grading scale of this Power 100 list. It is paramount to utilize the LGBT bloggers, vloggers, organizations and media to make sure that your platform is known. We are here to serve where others overlook people like us. When you do not promote your platform or keep it from particular influencers, you limit yourself from garnering the attention and applause you might deserve. On the other hand, do not feel that because you exist or did something years ago that the world should bow to your space or legacy. For example, the word “socialite” screams “insignificant” because everyone can label themselves as such since it does not require talent, vision, drive or leadership. Even if the bloggers, vloggers and media do not pick up on your movement, do not feel you are being ignored. More than a quarter of these Black LGBT Power 100 luminaries are mentioned on The G-List Society for the first time.

On a personal note, each and everyone of these 100 people – and many more – inspire me for two common reasons. They put in the work – strategically and diligently – to garner the accomplishments we all have seen. More importantly, they worked with limited resources, closed opportunities and confidence in their vision to entertain, inform, inspire and lead their constituents. Because of these visionaries, I know my opportunities are limitless. Without them, I have no purpose to blog, put up YouTube videos or orchestrate events for LGBT people of color. My greatest passion is the Black LGBT community, and I am grateful to these 100 luminaries for having a platform worth me bragging to the thousands of people who check out this list.

With that said, let’s set our unrealistic egos aside and celebrate the personalities who made the top 40 of the 2013 BLACK LGBT POWER 100 list.

First. here is a re-cap to see who made #41 – #100.

100. BLOOM/BLOOM Jamaica (Olubode Shawn Brown): party promoter + travel group
99. Al Sura: AIDS research organization
98. Will Sheridan: rapper + athlete
97. Aneesa Ferreira, Marlon Williams & Preston Roberson-Charles (MTV’s “Challenge”) : TV personalities
96. Dorien Bryant: former NFL free agent
95. Hotter Than July (Detroit Black Pride): Black pride organization
94. Billie’s Black: Black LGBT-owned establishment
93. ADTV (Derrick L. Briggs): YouTube personality
92. Dallas Black Pride: Black pride organization
91. Leo Washington: gay athlete advocate
90. Chamique Holdsclaw: former WNBA player
89. WassupNATL (Mario Harris): party promoter
88. Hotrod: porn star
87. Janet Mock: transgender activist
86. Sampson McCormick: comedian + YouTube personality
85. Milan Christopher: model/recording artist
84. Rockstars Production (Juju Rock): party promoter
83. Waudda & Carol Faried: marriage equality activists
82. De’Borah: musician
81. Mia Ryan: TV personality + transgender activist
80. Pony Zion: choreographer + ballroom legend
79. Wentworth Miller: actor
78. “Fix My Life”: TV series
77. Tarell Alvin McCraney: playwright + actor
76. “Free Angela”: film
75. Kwame Harris: former NFL player
74. Global Black Pride Network: Black pride organization
73. Natalie & Dessie (The Femtastic): YouTube personalities
72. Anthony Antoine: musician + LGBT activist
71. Andre Leon Talley: fashion icon
70. Kokumo Kinetic: musician + poet + transgender activist
69. Justin J.: YouTube personality
68. E.J. Johnson: celebrity
67. What’s The T (Antroine Majette): party promoter
66. “B-Boy Blues”: stage play
65. Derek J. & Miss Lawrence (“Fashion Queens”): TV personalities + hair stylists + entrepreneurs
64. LGBT Underground: queer music blog + queer hip-hop advocates
63. “Sunny Reign”: web series
62. Cypher Avenue (formerly Discreet City): gay men’s blog
61. Dashaun Williams: choreographer
60. Darren Young: pro-wrestler
59. Da Doo-Dirty Show (D.J. Baker, Splash T, Cisco Vegas & Paris Buford a.k.a. “Seduction”): online radio show + queer hip-hop advocates
58. Kylar Broadus: attorney + transgender activist
57. Earl Fowlkes: Black pride organizer + LGBT activist
56. Funky Dineva: YouTube personality + urban pop culture pundit
55. Kevyn Mines: former porn star + YouTube personality
54. “Freefall”: web series
53. Cory Wade: TV personality + model
52. “Lez-B-Honest: YouTube series
51. Lady Phyll Opoku: Black pride organizer + feminist
50. Nathan Hale Williams: party promoter + lifestyle pundit
49. The Fab Femme: lesbian blog
48. Gee & Juan Session-Smalls (G.SPOT Productions): event producers + same-sex couple personalities
47. Marco McMillan (R.I.P.): politician
46. Kelvin Atkinson: politician
45. DR Takeover: travel group
44. Lady Luck Films: film/web series production co.
43. Billy Porter: Broadway star
42. Kerry Rhodes: NFL free agent
41. “We Are Jamaicans”: LGBT equality organization

You may view the descriptive details on why the aforementioned were honored by clicking here. But, you are really here for the top 40 people. Right? Enough of the suspense already. Keep on reading.

#40 – #31

40. Brice Scipio/Event Brice party promoter + online personality
THE INFLUENTIAL, THE INNOVATIVE, & THE INTRIGUING: The party promoting king of New York, Brice Scipio’s Event Brice entertainment group keeps the Black gay male population festive every weekend. If the Black gays are flocking to El Morocco or Secrets on any given weekend, you may safely assume that Event Brice is behind the party.  Additionally, Brice and company are one of the very few promoting groups in NYC who draws in the R&B divas and reality-TV stars to meet their fans on a regular basis.  Even if you are not a NYC resident, you may be familiar with the Event Brice brand on social media because no other LGBT party promoter saturates the social media marketing tools as strategically as they.
39. Marquita Thomas marketing strategist + event promoter + activist
THE INFLUENTIAL, THE INNOVATIVE & THE INTRIGUING: Los Angeles LGBT activist Marquita Thomas epitomizes on what a renaissance woman is, especially as a desirable asset within queer Black America.  Her most recognizable position as the Executive Director of the LA Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce puts her in a position to connect all LGBT-owned-and-operated businesses and empower them to flex their financial power in metropolitan Los Angeles area (including Beverly Hills, Hollywood and West Hollywood). Thomas’ activism also carries out in special events as a long-time event producer behind Out & About Events for queer women of color, which has hosted cultural events and celebrations that draw women from all over California.
38. Madison Moore blogger
THE INFLUENTIAL, THE INNOVATIVE & THE INTRIGUING: Culture critic Madison Moore is a regular contributor to the popular lifestyle blog The Thought Catalog.  Madison Moore’s articles are regularly shared within social media groups because of his unique take on life as a Black, gay, male New Yorker who sees everything New York, even though he boasts his desires of white men on “The 16 Hottest Guys On Instagram.”  Regardless of his tastes, Moore’s commentary about race, homosexuality and city living are always timely and has thousands of readers creating threads in social media.
37. Big Boy Pride Black LGBT pride organization + social group
THE INFLUENTIAL, THE INNOVATIVE, & THE INTRIGUING: Black Pride organizations across America should study how to organize a Black pride weekend and engage the masses year-round like Big Boy Pride.  As an annual Black Pride weekend destination that does not concentrate on its host city, Big Boy Pride masterfully overcomes the challenges of drawing hundreds-to-thousands of Black gay men to its Floridian destination of weekend fun.  The Pride organization keeps its brand at high-profile status by hosting fundraisers and social events throughout the year and chapter and regional events as reminders of its annual Black Pride weekend.
36. Coco Montrese drag diva + TV personality
THE INFAMOUS, THE INSPIRING & THE INTRIGUING: Move over Alexis and Krystal, the diva feud du jour that had millions of people glued to TV sets around the world was between “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Coco Montrese and her friend-turned-arch nemesis Alyssa Edwards.  Being that drag personality on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to immediately captivate an audience upon first episode because of the feud, Coco used her platform show fans fans her vulnerability and how passionate she is about the art of drag.  As a veteran in the drag circuit, Montrese applied her serious work ethic and old-school wisdom upon the challenges of her season – winning some and lost in the series’ most epic “lip sync for your life” elimination.  Thus, Coco became a top contender and the season’s most inspiring contestant in the series’ most competitive season.
35. Laverne Cox transgender activist + actress + media personality
THE INFLUENTIAL, THE INSPIRING & THE INTRIGUING: Transgender activist Laverne Cox continues to break the glass ceiling for transgender Americans in media and community relations.  Cox’s profile in show business skyrocketed once she starred in America’s most buzzworthy new TV series “Orange Is The New Black.”  In addition to receiving news that she will continue on in the show’s second season, Cox also earned billing in independent films “36 Saints” and “Grand Street.”  2013 became the year that LGBT media and social platforms celebrated Cox as one of the most honored personalities of the year for her groundbreaking power moves and activism.
34. “God Loves Uganda” film
THE INNOVATIVE, THE INSPIRING & THE INTRIGUING: As 2013 marked the year of Black images in Hollywood at its most visible state, the noteworthy film “God Loves Uganda” was the most award-decorated opus that featured people of color throughout 2013.  “Uganda” is a shocking expose that explored the role of the American Evangelical movement in fueling Uganda’s terrifying turn towards biblical law and the proposed death penalty for homosexuality.  Heralded as an “astonishingly courageous” masterpiece, the timely thought-provoking film incidentally put a spotlight on an entire continent (Africa) as news about African gays and lesbians becoming victims in hate crimes at alarming rates in recent years.
33. Elixher lesbian lifestyle blog
THE INFLUENTIAL, THE INNOVATIVE, THE INTRIGUING: Urban lesbian lifestyle blog Elixher celebrates the achievements of Black queer women with its exclusive platform to their influences and contributions to economic power and culture.  The blog is also one of the very few same-sex loving medium that offers a significant present to transwomen.  Highly supported by social media, Elixher keeps readers current on the inner-beauty of noteworthy Black lesbians and the intriguing facts about them which mainstream media overlooks in favor of their sexuality.
32. Raven-Symoné actress + businesswoman
THE INNOVATIVE, THE INSPIRING, THE INTRIGUING: Lesbian rumors around actress/entrepreneur Raven-Symone have swirled for years, but the veteran entertainer took control of her coming out with an empowering message about same-sex love.  Unlike other gay celebrities, she did not have to run to media for a publicity scheme to find relevancy. She was already an icon who is still an intriguing celebrity to all age demographics.
31. Jacob Kohinoor online personality
THE INNOVATIVE, THE INSPIRING, THE INTRIGUING: YouTube personality Jacob Kohinoor became the social media tool’s breakout star among the Black LGBT community in 2013 with a well-produced reality-like show, Atlanta event coverage and a LGBT lifestyle commentary show.  The charming Kohinoor won fans over with his gorgeous looks, million-dollar smile and nice personality…oh and that interestingly huge posterior that everyone is still gossiping about. Kohinoor is another YouTube personality who uses his platform to create stars within the Black LGBT community.
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