Metrell Hurst On Break Up With Pony Zion Over HIV+ Status; Blasts Hot Rod & Derrick L. Briggs?

Metrell Hurst2

Metrell Hurst2

Leave it to online radio host DJ Baker to get one of the most memorable interviews from our Black LGBT personalities.

Because I am not living in the New York/New Jersey area, I became familiar with singer/socialite Metrell Hurst through a couple of features on ADTV and his duet with Damien Crawford titled “I Can Be.”  Though the aforementioned events took place this year, I learned that Hurst is an extremely popular personality in that region.  Why wouldn’t he be so popular?  He possesses great looks, a Southern charm and a singing voice that will make you throw your most expensive bikini brief at him. Don’t act like you wouldn’t.

Because of his notoriety in the NY scene, it was fitting for the talented singer to be a guest on Baker’s Da Doo Dirty Show to promote his latest single “Who I Am.”  On the music front, Hurst talks about his sound coming from his admiration of the 1990’s R&B era while the lyrics put his personal life front and center. Of the sort, Hurst shares intimate life experiences with Baker in this exclusive interview such as surviving child abandonment and physical abuse.

Though the details of Metrell’s dark past before serving in the US Navy and graduating from college was a good story from this New York singer, Baker got Hurst to expose his thoughts on popular personalities ballroom legend Pony Zion, porn star Hot Rod and ADTV personality Derrick L. Briggs.  Judging from listening to what Hurst had to say, this dude is not lying about what he openly expressed, and his mums-the-word on Briggs’ sexual advances spilled more T than than he could have ever verbalized.

So what did he say?  Check out my quick summary and then listen to the interview below.

Regarding his well-publicized in New York/New Jersey only break up with Pony Zion, Hurst denies Zion’s claims of ego-clashing and Hurst’s jealousy.  According to Hurst, he exclusively told DJ that it was Zion’s “creative” ways of disguising his HIV-positive status with him that drove a wedge in their relationship.  Hurst gets very descriptive here.

Like any of us smart gays know, Hurst called out porn star Hot Rod over lying about his Miracle Gro booty not getting implants.

If you know Baker’s style of interviewing as well I know it, you would fortell that DJ would ask Hurst about any sexual advances by Derrick L. Briggs while being a seasonal co-star on ADTV.  Urban legend has it that the main activity behind Briggs’ popular ADTV network is that Briggs sleeps with his rotation of talents as an unspoken prerequisite to be a fixtures on an ADTV series. Some of the former ADTV personalities have come forward to confirm that rumor, but Briggs plays it off.  Though Hurst let his hair down throughout the interview on every topic discussed, he hesitated before deciding to remain silent on that topic.  In other words,…

Hit the play button below to hear Hurst’s heroic and juicy story below.


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