Will @CharlesCrenchaw Come Out The Closet On Tonight’s “Sweetie Pies” Episode???

OWN TV network’s reality-TV “Sweetie Pie’s” is one of the few TV shows that can be reason to occupy your time at home on a Saturday.  The family business reality show brings lots hilarity and drama that will captivate your attention for a full hour.  The cast’s matriarch Miss Robbie is the owner the famous Sweetie Pie’s soul food restaurant which her son Tim helps run at least one of the locations.

However, in this reality-TV series, Miss Robbie’s nephew Charles is the scene-stealer in almost every episode.  The charming pretty boy has won the audience over with his jovial lackadaisical attitude towards hard work and living independently every since he has been afforded to help with the family business at the courtesy of his aunt and the dismay of his cousin of whom he often engage in disagreements. The family, on other hand, sees Charles often as a lazy character who is willing to take rewards and handouts without contributions or hard work.

In tonight’s episode, the charismatic Charles become the centralized figure as he wants to share with his family a secret that he has been agonizing to get off his chest.  Showing frustration towards his cousin in discussing his situation in this episode teaser below, Charles is ready to release the burden of hiding a fact about himself regardless of family’s thoughts and feelings.

Of course, there have been speculation in social media about Charles’ sexuality since the show became a hit during its first season.  While there are whispers of assumptions that Charles is gay, his dating preference has been mum while his eccentric, lovable and jovial character takes over the situations he involved himself with his family.  Could his sexually be the secret he is willing to reveal?

Catch the episode teaser below and stay tuned to the show tonight to find out Charles’ painful revelation.

Also, catch a glimpse of “The Real Charles” segement of “Sweetie Pies” Thanksgiving holiday special that aired last week.

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