@TasiasWord (Fantasia) Sh*ts On Her Black Gay Fans On Marriage Equality



Be honest for just a second.  The reason why “Free Yourself” songstress Fantasia still has any relevancy is because the Black gays, especially in Atlanta and Washington DC, are booking her for every other Black gay pride celebration and buying her CDs.  The Black gay (male) population has been the #1 supporters of the R&B singer from North Carolina since her win on the hit television series “American Idol” back in 2004.

As with most of the random things that the Black gay community runs to co-sign to validate themselves, their unyielding support of the “Collard Greens & Cornbread” singer backfired. Yesterday, an Instagram photo message that Fantasia spread about being against gay marriage became viral.  The whoring Jezebel, whose first child was born out of wedlock and second born out of wedlock to a married man, gets “mad” at the world because she feels like she is being judged as a loose woman with no morals and low self-esteem.  She shoots back at “the world” by admonishing them for supporting gay marriage and weed legalization.

That is right!  Fantasia showed her true feelings about the very Black gay community who kept her working when she cannot get a gig beyond the chitlin’ circuit.  Check her Instagram message below.

Fantasia against gay marriage


Just as they have done with Beyonce and Donna Summer, the Black gay community once again rushes to support a R&B “diva” and hail them as their queen only to discover that these women’s true feelings about gays are discriminating.

If the Black gays turn against the “I’m Doin’ Me” singer for this rant, she can kiss the hopes of a successful fourth album and another Black LGBT pride tour goodbye for 2013. (sidebar: the dumb b*tch cannot spell GOVERNMENT…tsk)

One day, I hope the Black gays would rally in support of people who undoubtedly support them.  One day…

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