@AntoineDodson24 Talks Fame, Making Music & @Rihanna w/ @3LWTV

@AntoineDodson24 Talks Fame, Making Music & @Rihanna w/ @3LWTV

Two years ago, Antoine Dodson instantly leaped into national stardom from a regular resident in Alabama into an internet sensation whose family tragedy of a home-breaking intrude became a viral laughing stock for all the right and wrong reasons. Regardless of his family’s horrific tragedy and public ridicule of his mannerisms, Dodson turned lemons into lemonade as he became a big star in Hollywood that only budding YouTube personalities can only dream about.

Throughout his fame, the world had the opportunity to only understand his flamboyant mannerisms, his long flowing hair, and, of course, his catchphrases.  Lonnell Williams of 3LWTV traveled to Huntsville, Alabama, the very city that put Antoine on the map of fame and interviewed Dodson asking the internet star about who he is beyond the “hide your kids, hide your wife” catchphrases.

Who was Dodson before the fame?  How has that family tragedy changed his family?  What is Antoine doing to extend his fame?  That, along his love for a certain pop music diva, gets address in the video below.

While it is easy to judge an internet celebrity like Dodson based on what went viral, an interview like this can teach anyone that everyone can be multi-dimensional and not just that one characteristic that makes YouTube history by incident.  On the other hand, I cannot imagine him being a recording artist to take seriously, BUT, full judgment is reserved when his first release is dropped.

Plus, we love the fact that he is #RihannaNavy.

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