THE G-SOUND: “I’ll Slap A Bitch” by @IWanteDiamond

If you love comedy mixed with some music, the comedic entertainer I’Wante Diamond has the perfect elixir for you.  The east coast comedian just released a new single titled “I’ll Slap A Bitch” from his upcoming 50 Shades of Gay album.

Sidebar: I am going to do an internet search on whether 50 Shades of Gay is already a name of a porno film.  I digress.

Not since the days of Millie Jackson and Rodney Dangerfield, I can recall entertainer blended comedy and music so well.  I even got confused on whether I should laugh when I want to so that I do not miss out what is being said.  Regardless, this is worth a listen.

Press play below.

Hilarious!  Make sure you go find out where you can pick up a copy of I’Wante’s 50 Shades of Gay album.

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