Nathan James Unleashes “15 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities Of 2012”

Nathan James is one of America’s leading independent journalists when issues and agendas regarding LGBT people of color need to be in the forefront.  His research and reporting is his brand of advocacy that he shares with readers of GBM News and listeners of the online radio mainstay Da Doo Dirty Show.

In 2011, James issued his first annual round-up of the “most powerful” players within the LGBT community people of color.  As most rankings and lists, the article gained a lot of attention and mostly criticism by playing favorites to people he knew personally and people who are questionable about their loyalty to the Black LGBT community.  With the aforementioned points, the list was one of the first of its kind that put a comprehensive spotlight on living LGBT people of color for readers to admire and get better acquainted — and not coming from a mainstream source that uses the same names routinely.

James just released a brand new list of his picks for the most influential icons and pioneers with the “15 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities Of 2012.”  We are certain there will be a great debate as the list contains only residents of New York and TV personalities who are Black, sans George Takei.  Nonetheless, this is one of the few lists create by a LGBT person of color that actually highlights the accomplishments of the men, women and transgender people in the gay community.

Including Takei, illuminaries including CNN anchor Don Lemon, pop culture phenom RuPaul, comedian Wanda Sykes, singer/songwriter Tracy Chapman, legendary performer/activist Kevin Aviance and award-winning journalists LZ Granderson, Clay Cane and Emil Wilbekin made the list.

Check out the entire list here.

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